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1 5/8"SWT SERV VALVE KIT For Copeland Part# 998-0510-68

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Copland Parts | Copland Compressor Parts- PartsAPS

Copeland Parts

Copeland is dedicated to improving the quality of lives around the world. To develop HVACR and infrastructure solutions, they combine technology and engineering. The award-winning Copeland continues to set the place for better cooling, better comfort everywhere. To meet today’s energy and environmental standard, Copeland is constantly improving the technology, Copeland engineered its every product for ultra reliable and quiet operation.

Copeland compressors live at the heart of the HVAC and refrigeration systems, from the food we enjoy every day to the comforts of home at night. The main objective of the Copeland behind their every production is

  • Protecting food quality and sustainability
  • Creating sustainable infrastructure
  • Ensuring human comfort and health
  • Advancing energy efficiency and environmental conservation
  • Continuing momentum through our Helix Innovation Network

PartsAPS offers a wide range of Copeland Parts – all designed to make life more comfortable and make your job easier. To solve our customers’ most difficult challenges PartsAPS is bringing all the compressors parts from Copeland.

When it comes to offering reliable high performing compressor parts, PartsAPS continues to set the industry standard. PartsAPS is driven without compromise for a world in action. To create a one-stop solution for the benefit of the customers, it brings a wide range of Copeland parts and Copeland Compressor Parts at PartsAPS

Industry leaders are looking to PartsAPS as a trusted distributor of Copeland Parts that continuously help them to meet the next big challenge. PartsAPS team is constantly striving to be more connected, forward-looking and customer focused by bringing different Copeland parts in the reach.

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Product Description
1 5/8" Sweat (ODF) ,2 1/4 - 12 UNC Thread size, Rotalock Valve Kit
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