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Facing problem with the FENWAL IGNITION CONTROL BOARD!!

To help you identify some of the most common gas furnace ignition problems, we share few troubleshooting tips.

An essential part of your furnace is the Fenwal furnace ignition control module. Furnace Blower gets the power from it and it is found that the standing pilot light in Fenwal furnace ignition control boardis more reliable than in the older gas furnace models. Before we discuss more about the different problems and solution of the furnace issues let us know something about its origin.

Fenwal is a leading provider of HVAC systems worldwide and was founded in1935. I. The company was founded by WalterKidde who was of Czech ancestry. If you are in dire need of any replacement part, you can directly search the parts in our website. Fenwal specializes in special configurations and provides high dependability for the appliance service and ranked as top manufacturer of alarm of carbon monoxide in September 2017.

Whether it is LP or natural gas, Fenwal's microprocessor technology provides high productivity of the machines. PartsAPS has a wide in-stock of Fenwal Parts at very reasonable prices. It can be very difficult for you to search for brand names that too in a great hurry. So, you can trust us, as we offer Fenwal parts and technical support worldwide.

Fenwal continues today to be the industry standard for mechanical temperature controllers. Fenwal is globally approved for gas ignition, temperature control and fire and overheat detection; it also serves OEM's in diverse markets across the globe.

PartsAPS’s objective is to provide you with the high-quality Fenwal Parts. Spend some of your valuable time here to search and shop for the best Replacement Parts. Just click on our website page – PartsAPS - here you will come across different Fenwal controls, and much more.

Tips to troubleshoot the problem you faced due to faulty Fenwal Ignition control board are:

  • 1. Furnace is Not Producing Heat - Try to Reset Home Circuit Breaker
  • 2. Furnace is Not Producing Enough Heat - Check and Change Your Clogged Filter
  • 3. If your furnace is not operating - check the safety switch on the furnace door.
  • 4. Keep the Area Around Your Furnace Clean and Unobstructed
  • 5. The most common failures associated with your burners can come from contamination. Look at the Burner Flames
  • 6. Rumbling, squeaking and rattles aren’t normal. The sounds may indicate a mechanical problem, airflow reductions or a clogged burner.

Here we share some of the Fenwal Ignition control board parts sold by us on our website. We try to the explain situation when do you need those parts and matches the symptoms as well. If those match your situation, then you can go for replacement of the Fenwal Ignition control board parts.

What are the most common issues with Wire Harnesses?

Are you facing trouble with your Fenwal Wire Harnesses? Here we share few common issues with wiring harnesses and what you can do about that?

  • a. Issue 1: Incorrect wire preparation and staging.

    Tip 1: Make sure that the machine is adjusted properly and you have selected the right size wire.

  • b. Issue 2: Shoddy Labelling

    Tip 2: To develop a system that checks for accuracy before the labels are even printed, make sure the wire harnesses you receive are labelled correctly.

  • c. Issue 3: Defects in the crimping process

    Tip 3: For terminating wire ends, the most widely used method is crimping. It is important, regardless of the fact that whether you are hand crimping or using a machine, to ensure that the equipment is set up correctly for the size of wire.

  • d. Issue 4: Defects in soldering

    Tip 4: When soldering your wires to their terminals, there are many issues can arise like – poor soldering techniques, extreme temperature, using wrong size of iron tips. In this case only way out is to replace the wire harnesses part.

Here we share the specifications of two different Fenwal wire harnesses parts, you can visit our site – for more Fenwal parts and can also pick your required one.

Product Details:

Searching for Fenwal Parts like Fenwal 24" Wiring Harness? Then you are in the right place. PartsAPS has the solution for all your problems. We provide you with the top-quality Fenwal parts for your HVAC product. Fenwal 05-129845-024 is perfect match for your machine with 24” wiring harness and 11pins.

Technical specification:
  • Brand Name Fenwal Controls
  • Item Weight 7.8 ounces
  • Part name Fenwal 24" Wiring Harness
  • Number of Items 1
  • Part Number 5129845024
Product Details:

If you are searching for the wiring harness for Fenwal then in our website search with the required part number. The length of Fenwal 05-129892-012 is 12” and has 6 pins. It requires power of 600v. PartsAPS is the one of the leading distributors of Fenwal 12" Wiring Harness across the world.

Technical specification:
  • Product Type: Wire Harness
  • Length: 12"
  • Voltage: 600v
  • Temperature Rating: 221°F
  • Brand Name Fenwal Controls
  • Part Number 05-129892-012

To ignite the burner there are two separate types or way. They are

  • Direct Fire
  • Indirect Fire

Direct fire systems include:

  • Direct spark ignition
  • Hot Surface Ignition

Indirect systems include:

  • Hot surface ignition lighting the pilot
  • Intermittent pilot with spark ignition

Gas Furnace Ignition Control Operation:

  • Induced draft motor enables by Fenwal ignition control board
  • The pressure switch to signal that it has closed
  • As long as no limit switches are open, this completes all the safety circuits
  • Whether the system is hot surface ignition or intermittent pilot, the gas furnace control board verifies a flame.
  • To verify the flame is lit, the gas furnace control board uses flame rectification.
  • To feed gas to the main burners, the verified the gas ignition control board signals the main gas valve to open

So if you want to troubleshoot your Fenwal Ignition control board, the best option is to replace your control board. And PartsAPS can help you in this process. You can trust us as we are the genuine dealer of high quality Fenwal parts across the globe.

Here we share the detail description of few Fenwal ignition control board parts, to have a look scroll down.

Product Details:

For replacing many existing intermittent pilot ignition controls from various manufacturers the Fenwal 35-63J103-013 Ignition Control Board is suitable. PartsAPS has the stocks of this control to replace the Johnson Ignition Control. Fenwal 35-63J103-013fits the models –Johnson G670AW-1, G670AW-1C, G67AG-3, G67AG-10 G67BG-3, G770LGA-1, G770LGA-2, G770LGC-1, G770LGC-1, G770LGC-2, G770LGC-3, G770LGC-4, G770LGC-10, G770LHA-1, G770LHA-2 and G770LHC-1 controls.

Technical specification:
  • Parts Name: Fenwal 35-63J103-013 Ignition Control Board
  • Manufacturer: Fenwal controls
  • Parts Number: 35-63J103-013
  • Item type: Ignition Control Board
Product Details:

Fenwal 35-704600-005 Ignition Control Board is the high quality replacement parts. If you are looking for the genuine replace part of your fenwal HVAC model then PartsAPS is the right place. You just have search with the parts number - Fenwal 35-704600-005in our website. Our forte is the quick and hassle-free delivery. Avail this opportunity.

Technical specification:
  • Parts Name: Fenwal 35-704600-005 Ignition Control Board
  • Manufacturer: Fenwal controls
  • Parts Number: 35-704600-005
  • Item type: Ignition Control Board
  • Power required: 120V

Furnace Ignition Control Module Troubleshooting

To control the ignition process as well as many of the other complex processes modern furnaces feature a circuit board within your heating equipment. To indicate a specific error code the ignition module may use LED lights. The main advantages of these circuits are they can provide you the clues to the problems in your furnace.

A few simple things to check out if your Fenwal ignition module is not working well:
  • 1. First turn the igniters off and wait a few minutes, then before turning it back see whether if the issue is resolved or not.
  • 2. Check your furnace filter, as a badly clogged filter can lead to malfunction and your furnace will repeatedly do on and off
  • 3. When there is excessive heat build-up, Dirty filters, clogged ductwork or a plugged flue can cause limit switches to open.

During the process of igniting your furnace, there are many things that can happen that can cause the system to fail. Often, replacing your Fenwal ignition module is the solution. It is not safe to start a furnace with faulty ignition module, it is better to replace it. PartsAPS is the right place to choose your Fenwal ignition module spare parts. We are leading distributor of the Fenwal parts, so you shop from here without any hesitation. Here we share few detail description of three parts of Fenwal ignition module.

Product Details:

Fenwal 35-665721-101Ignition Control used on Baxter Ovens. To safely light and continually monitor and analyze the flame, these controls utilize microprocessor technology for proper operation of the gas burner.

Technical specification:
  • Model Number: 35665721101
  • Description: 24V HSI 4TFI 15PP 1TRY MiniIgn M
  • Manufacturer: Fenwal Controls
  • Name Fenwal 35-665721-101 Ignition Control
  • UPC: 35-665721-101
Product Details:

The Fenwal 35-725205-021 can be used in all types of gas-fired appliances. To provide precise, repeatable timing and operating sequences, the control uses a microprocessor circuit. Fenwal Controls 35725205021 is designed as direct spark ignition (DSI) control with power of 120 VAC

Technical specification:
  • Model Number: 35-725205-021
  • Description: 120v DSI 3Try 0PP 4TFI Potted
  • Manufacturer: Fenwal Controls
  • Name Fenwal Controls 35725205021
  • Input Power 102 to 138 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Input Current Drain 50mA@ 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Gas Valve Rating 1.5A@ 120 VACS
  • Operating Temperature -40F to +175F, -40C to +80C
  • Flame Sense Voltage 45% of line voltage
Product Details:

The Fenwal 35-615937-997 can be used in all types of gas-fired appliances. To continually and safely monitor, analyze, the control uses a microprocessor to control the proper operation of a gas burner and inducer blower. Fenwal 35-615937-997 Ignition Control Board is designed as direct spark ignition (DSI) control with power of 24 VAC.

Technical specification:
  • Model Number: 35-615937-997
  • Description: 24vW/Inducer Relay OEM Captive Air
  • Manufacturer: Fenwal Controls
  • Name Fenwal 35-615937-997 Ignition Control Board
  • Input Power 120/240 VAC
  • Input Current Drain 300 mA@ 24 VAC,
  • Gas Valve Rating 2.0A@ 24 VAC
  • Combustion Blower Rating: 3.0 FLA@ 120 VAC (6.0 LRA) 1.5 FLA@ 240 VAC (3.0 LRA) 1/4 H.P.
  • Operating Temperature -40 deg. F to +160 deg. F, -40 deg. C to +71 deg. C
  • Flame Sensitivity 0.7 uA minimum
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