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Nowadays Trane thermostats are come up with lock and unlock features. Mostly they have a touchscreen, and Trane offers the lock and unlock features to protect your device from other people. So, we will use the lock and unlock features to protect our device. But, some new users don't know about how to use these features on Trane smart thermostat. Moreover, some situations are like that you know how to lock but don't know about unlocking.

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If you are also one in those or forgot your lock password, don't get bothered about it. PartsAPS blog is here to help you while using Trane programmable thermostat. So, spend a few minutes and know-how can you use the Trane thermostat. Why late! Let's start our discussion.

If you are having a Trane thermostat of lock feature, then you are great, as you can prevent changes from others. After a long period of locking, you may have a chance of forgetting that what has set. Luckily, today we are going to tell you regarding unlocking your thermostat. Keep reading this post to get an idea of it. 

How to Unlock Trane Thermostat?

  1. Initially, examine your thermostat completely.
  2. Next, find out both "+" and "-" buttons on the screen.
  3. When you find them, place your one finger on the "+" symbol and another finger on the "-" symbol buttons.
  4. You should press these two buttons at the same time.
  5. After that, hold your fingers on these two buttons for five seconds approximately. When 5 seconds passed, you have to release your fingers.
  6. Now, your Trane thermostat is unlocked.

Lock Trane Programmable Thermostat Keypad

If the lock feature is active in your device, then you can see a locked padlock picture on display towards the bottom left corner. One important note is that the thermostat must be in either heating mode or cool mode and set the slide switch to the “run” position.

  1. First, you need to press on "Menu".
  2. Press and hold the "Next" button for 5 seconds. Then, you can see "Lock Code" and then "Set Code" will be displayed on the top of the screen.
  3. Press OK, then the device will ask you 4 digit code that you would like to set for unlocking the thermostat.
  4. You can lock it with default "0000" or change as per your requirement. By using the UP/ DOWN or NEXT buttons, you may enter the number as per your choice. Record the entered code in a paper to check it later while unlocking.
  5. Now, you have to activate the lock by pressing OK. Once it is locked, the device will be returned to the normal run screen.

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Unlock the Keypad

  • Click on the "locked padlock" icon in the display panel.
  • Now, it will ask you, if you want to unlock the thermostat keypad, press OK.
  • Then, you have to enter the unlock code that was used initially to lock the screen. You can use the UP/ DOWN and NEXT buttons to change the digit one by one.
  • Once you have entered the digit code, press OK to unlock Trane thermostat.
  • After that, the screen display will return to its normal run screen with no padlock icon.

If the Trane thermostat displays "Wrong Code" when you entered the code, then check the unlock code again that was entered correctly or not. If you entered the wrong code, correct it on the screen. You need to press the OK button when are trying to unlock the keypad again.

If You Forgot the Lock Code of Trane Programmable Thermostat

When you reset the keypad lock code, the thermostat batteries should be present. When your Trane thermostat blank, it indicates that the battery's replacement.

  1. To reset the lock code, you have to remove the front panel of the thermostat from the wall plate.
  2. Next, go to the back of the circuit board. Find two black buttons that are placed below the battery compartment.
  3. Now, press the left button labeled as HW RST (Hardware Reset). Place the removed part of the device again on to the wallplate.
  4. Now, the thermostat is unlocked. Moreover, you have to enter the current date and time to continue the normal functionality.
  5. If the screen lock is still locked with the padlock icon, do one thing that tries " Unlock the Keypad" procedure with the "0000" lock code.

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Try the above steps to unlock your Trane thermostat. We hope this blog helpful for you. Stay tuned to our website and bookmark our site to get more interesting tips on your HVAC system problems.

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