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Ranco Parts

Ranco controls are used all over the globe in industrial & residential HVAC and refrigeration systems. The company has been designing refrigeration equipment excellently for over 50 years and has developed the best solutions for air conditioning, heat pumping, and other HVAC systems.

Ranco is the world's number one manufacturer of heat pump reversing valve technology and provides general use and custom-designed microprocessor-based controllers and valves for a range of HVAC applications. Ranco partners with other suppliers to provide their products with extra features, and follows up with excellent customer support and service.

Ranco's electronic controls and reversing valves are commonly used in various commercial building heating and air-conditioning systems worldwide. Moreover, the company has been a market leader in industrial refrigeration for over 50 years.

Other products provided by Ranco include ignition controls, thermostat controls, inspection valves, humidistats, check valves and air conditioning controllers. Simply, Ranco is one place to go for all equipment for your residential and commercial HVAC needs.

People have been finding warmth in their living spaces by tackling excess heat and humidity. Since ancient times, the first large-scale electrical air conditioning unit was invented by the American inventor Willis Carrier in 1902 and revolutionized cooling in buildings.

Ranco electromechanical and electronic controls for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and refrigeration equipment are dominant in meeting the requirements of heat, temperature and defrost control.

Ranco understands the latest industry-standard components which are used as spare parts in HVACR systems and engineering them. Ranco Temperature/ Heat Pumps/ Refrigeration Controls are designed to reduce energy consumption and deliver comfort.

Ranco designs and manufactures refrigeration components that are responsible to store food items, drinks safely. It helps to stay fresh food as fresh. Ranco Refrigeration Replacement Parts are for commercial and residential fields that help to increase the productivity of your equipment. 

Nowadays, the number of solutions for air conditioning is technologically advanced. Air conditioning in the home, apartment building, organization, and office space is important for efficiency, safety, and relaxation. So, the Ranco Air Conditioning Parts and all Ranco HVAC Parts are designing continuously and supplying to the customers.

1.Ranco Electronic Temperature Controllers (Ranco ETC):

The Ranco Electronic Temperature Controller is related to the microprocessor-based family. It is manufactured to provide on/ off control for all HVACR applications. Ranco ETC helps maintain selectable cooling or heating modes, set temperature range, multi-voltage input, etc. It is very simple to install and set up. Ranco Temperature Control having a standard digital display and keypad that allow you to adjust the temperature setting with 1F resolution.

2.Ranco Thermostats:

Because of the state of the art technology, Ranco Thermostats remain as first class in the HVAC industry. Ranco thermostats are quickly installed and easily configurable due to its simple user interface. Ranco zoning thermostats usually permit 2-4 temperature zones with the regular thermostat.

If you are looking for quality Ranco HVAC Parts along with Ranco Controllers, look no further PartsAPS. Here, we sell the highest quality Ranco Repair Parts and Ranco ETC Controls. Our Ranco HVAC and Refrigeration Replacement Parts include reversing valves, dual controls, time delay sequence controls, refrigeration controls, SPDTs, temperature controls and many more. Here, we have updated the technical information on some of the Ranco Parts which are available at PartsAPS.

a) 1 1/8x7/8" REVERSING VALVE For Ranco Part:

reversing valve for ranco part v10 418140 270

Name of the Product: Ranco V10-418140-270 1 1/8x7/8" Reversing Valve

Model Number: V10-418140-270

Manufacturer Name: Ranco

Item Type: Reversing Valve

b) RANCO VAR.SPD.SW. 277V 5AMP For Titus HVAC Part:

ranco var spd sw 277v 5amp for titus hvac part 100533 01

Name of the Product: Ranco 100533-01 VAR.SPD.SW.

Model Number: 100533-01

Manufacturer Name: Ranco

Item Type: Variable Speed Switch

c) 60-89DEG ROOM TEMP CTRL For Ranco Part:

60 89deg room temp 20ctrl for ranco part c12 9018

Name of the Product: Ranco C12-9018 Room Temperature Control

Model Number: C12-9018

Manufacturer Name: Ranco

Item Type: Temperature Controller

d) A/C DE-ICE CONTROL For Ranco Part:

ac de ice control for ranco part a30 2311

Name of the Product: Ranco A30-2311 A/C DE-Ice Control

Model Number: A30-2311

Manufacturer Name: Ranco

Item Type: A/C DE-Ice Control

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