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trane furnace troubleshooting

Trane furnace is one of the most reliable heating systems in existence. Every most reliable furnace runs into problems from time to time. So, you may get Trane furnace problems also. You can fix some common problems easily yourself. If you are unfamiliar with fixing the basic issues of your furnace, follow our Trane furnace troubleshooting tips and save money as well as time.

Trane Furnace Troubleshooting Guide

Is your Trane furnace not turning on or not blowing hot air? Do you have Trane furnace ignitor problems? Find the solutions below.

Furnace Won’t Turn ON

Is your Trane furnace fail to turn on when you adjust the temperature? It is easy to detect the problem correctly. If your device is completely not turning on, then there could be an issue with the circuit breaker or with the thermostat.

Your furnace's circuit should be turned on. If the circuit is off, just restore the power. Also, check the response of the thermostat. If none of the before didn't help you, simply call a technician.

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Electric Furnace is Blowing Air but Not Heating

Occasional problems like blocked vents and incorrect thermostat settings may interfere with heating efficiency. Follow the below troubleshooting steps that may solve your problem.

First, you should verify the thermostat settings and it is set to "Heat". If your thermostat has a fan button feature, keep it in the "ON" position.

Still, your furnace not producing heat, you need to increase the temperature point. Choose a temperature setting that is higher than the indoor temperature displayed on your thermostat.

Some thermostats have recommended temperature set points that you have to follow. So, refer to your device’s manual to get additional troubleshooting tips.

If your device not regulating temperature properly, you have to reset the thermostat. If your thermostat has a reset button, simply press it for a few seconds and then release it. However, the resetting thermostat varies depends on the model. So, it's better to refer to your owner's manual.

Now, check the vents and remove obstructions if any that could be blocking airflow. Normally, blocked vents can limit the efficiency of your Trane furnace.

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When Heat Not Coming from Trane Gas Furnace

If your furnace does not produce heat from vents when it turn on, it's not a difficult problem. Usually, if your gas furnace doesn't blow hot air, it means that there is a problem with your gas. Your device can't heat the air without supplying energy. Hence, you have to check whether the gas is connected and flowing correctly or not. If not, correct it.

In addition, you will need to verify the pilot light may have gone out. It is a small flame that ignites the main furnace flame. You can get the detailed instructions related to relighting the pilot in the manual. Once verify that the main gas supply line might be turned off.

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Trane Furnace Ignitor Problems

If your furnace ignitor is igniting, follow the below things to fix the problem.

Check if there is a problem with the circuit breakers. Inspect your circuit panel to see whether switches are switched on.

Examine the drain pan.

All times it may not because of the ignitor itself. Sometimes there is standing water in the drain pan of your Trane furnace. Then, your system will not run to prevent the risk of overflowing nothing but the ignitor won't work. Clean the pump. If it doesn't help, you need to replace the pump assembly.

Check for the clogged air filter.

To prevent the ignitor type of problems, you should change the air filter regularly. When the air filter is clogged, the furnace will no longer ignite. So, it's the best way to check the air filter when your ignitor not working.  

Inspect the Gas Supply

When there is a problem with your gas supply, it causes your furnace ignitor to fail to ignite. If no problem is found with your home's gas supply, then consider that there could be an issue with the gas supply to your Trane furnace. Contact an expert to fix the issue.

Check the Ignitor Sensor

The ignitor sensor intimates the furnace when it is safe to ignite. When this sensor senses a flame, it tells the device that it is safe to turn on the gas supply. However, sometimes, it can become dirty and unable to sense the flame. Then, it needs to be cleaned.

Additionally, you need to remember the age of ignitor. Normally, ignitor in the furnace will not work as long as the furnace. Over time, the ignitor will start to lose functionality. You have to change the ignitor if needed.

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Final Words

Most of the time, modern Trane furnaces are reliable and have less problems. However, you can fix some basic and common Trane furnace problems easily. Hopefully, these Trane furnace troubleshooting tips will help you to determine the issue and it's solution without much work. If the above tips have not helped to find the source of your problem, then contact an experienced technician.

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