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Belimo Parts

Belimo is a world leader in designing and manufacturing of control valves and damper actuators which are used in HVAC systems. Belimo offers innovations in energy efficiency, comfort and safety solutions to maintain energy-efficient buildings.

If you are using Belimo Valves and Actuators, it needs to be kept their replacement parts. Even though it may be high quality product, sometimes it may have problems with broken or damaged of their spare parts. In such cases, we have to replace them with new parts. Are you one among them who are looking into Belimo Replacement Parts? PartsAPS is here for you. PartsAPS supplies a wide variety of HVAC parts to the customer. We are one of the resellers of Belimo Parts suppliers.

PartsAPS offers all your required Belimo Parts at an affordable price only. PartsAPS is the one and only distributor providing high-quality parts at very low cost. Our focus is always on customer satisfaction. That's why we supply reliable parts only to our beloved customers. Since our establishment, we deliver HVAC parts for residential and commercial use from different top manufacturers.

If you haven't awareness on Belimo manufacturer and their products, look at this blog once. The company was established in 1975 as Belimo Automation AG and is located in Hinwil, Switzerland. For the first time, Belimo delivered actuators in 1976. It develops, produces and delivers actuator solutions for controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. These two solutions make up the company's business.

Belimo is specialized in producing damper actuators, pressure independent valves, characterized control valves, fire and smoke damper actuators, butterfly valves, sensors energy valves, zone valves, retrofit actuators, ball valves and globe valves.

Belimo Actuators are designed for various HVAC damper applications. It offers the proportional FSAFF24 for active smoke control systems. Belimo Control Valves and Damper Actuators are designed with Multi-Function Technology. With this MFT technology, standardize the business while reducing the number of actuators required.

MFT offers a wide variety of programmable control inputs and feedback signals. Belimo's electronic fail-safe actuators having running and high torque features with a fail-safe position that can be set from 0-100% in 10% increments. Belimo Actuators lower power consumption and LED status provide you a new solution for control dampers, exhaust fume hoods, air handlers, VAV terminal units, economizer units, fan shutters, fan coil units and unit ventilators.

Belimo offers many retrofit solutions that are compatible with all major systems. So, there is no need of replacing other system controls. This company supplies waterside and airside retrofit application solutions with direct-coupled, efficient actuators and remote access linkages.

At PartsAPS, we have an enlarge in-stock Belimo Parts in our warehouse. Our Belimo Replacement Parts include On/Off Aux, S.S Trim, Ball Valves, Control Valves, Crankarm Adaptor Kit, Zone Valve Body, S/R Act. Positioner Nema 4, etc. Our team will deliver your item within 2 to 4 business days.

1)  Crankarm Adaptor Kit For Belimo Part# ZG-LF112:

Belimo ZG-LF112 Adaptor Kit includes KH-LF crank arm and clip, ZG-112 bracket and mounting hardware. Keep a spare Belimo ZG-LF112 Crankarm Adaptor Kit in your home when your old adaptor broke or damaged. Choose to purchase reliable Belimo Replacement Parts.

Product Name: Belimo ZG-LF112 Crankarm Adaptor Kit-11

Manufacturer Name: Belimo

Model Number: ZG-LF112

Item Type: Crankarm Adaptor Kit

2)  1/2" 1Cv ZONE VALVE BODY For Belimo Part# ZONE215N-10:

Zone valves provide the best way to create individual zones in a hydronic system. In the equipment, flow can be started or stopped by using one pump along with multiple zone valves. If you want to replace ZONE215N-10 non-functioning item, visit PartsAPS and buy a new item.

Product Name: Belimo 1/2" 1cv Zone Valve Body OEM Zone215n-10

Manufacturer Name: Belimo

Model Number: ZONE215n-10

Item Type: Zone Valve

3)  120V 2-POS 22IN/LB S/R ACT For Belimo Part# TFRB120:

Belimo TFRB120 120V 2-POS 22IN/LB S/R ACT is Spring Return 2 Position, On/Off Actuator 22 lb-in - 120V. Replace your Belimo Part with our replacement parts for efficient working.

Product Name: Belimo TFRB120 120V 2-POS 22IN/LB S/R ACT

Manufacturer Name: Belimo

Model Number: TFRB120

Item Type: Valve Actuator

4)  2-10VDC POSITIONER NEMA 4 For Belimo Part# SGA24:

Belimo SGA24 is a positioner for wall mounting. You can buy Belimo 2-10Vdc Positioner Nema 4 for your equipment at PartsAPS. All Belimo Parts are available at our online store.

Product Name: Belimo 2-10Vdc Positioner Nema 4

Manufacturer Name: Belimo

Model Number: SGA24

Item Type: Positioner

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