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trane heat pump reviews

When you are looking to buy a new heat pump, it can be difficult to know which brands and models are worth the investment. Trane heat pump reviews are a great way for people to assess the efficiency and usefulness of these systems before they take their final buying decision. This article walks through all the pros and cons of Trane heat pumps so that you know the quality you can expect from this brand.

Trane Heat Pump Reviews

Trane has been manufacturing heating, ventilation, and cooling equipment since 1881. Trane has a reputation of being a quality manufacturer with its products being able to last for years. With that said, Trane heat pumps reviews are mostly favorable.

What is Trane Heat Pump?

A Trane heat pump is a device that absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to the inside. It works by pulling in cool outdoor air and heating it before transferring it to your home's heating system. Because the heated air is dry, you can use a dehumidifier that produces less humidity.

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How Does Trane Heat Pumps Compare to Other Brands?

Trane is dedicated to provide high-quality, innovative, and reliable systems to facilitate its customers. Here, we have given some key points that make Trane heat pumps stand out from the competition.

Unique designs

Trane heat pumps are unique because they build and test their parts. The members of the Trane company use innovative ideas to craft their heating systems way beyond regular standards. That's why Trane's name got popular among others. However, Trane products will be provided with innovative, unique and high-quality.

Extreme Testing

Trane follows a rigorous testing process to ensure that each of its products is strong, efficient and durable. For testing, the products will put through up to 4 months of extreme cold and blistering heat. While other products are put through over 2500 continuous hours for rigorous testing. Moreover, they encase Trane units in solid ice to ensure they keep running. This testing procedure helps the Trane HVAC units to provide the best experience.

Carefully Selected Specialists

Trane has a special position to be known as a Trane comfort specialist. They won't give everyone the honor of being their dealer. For installation, best service, employee training, and customer satisfaction, Trane has highly qualified professionals. This makes Trane company dedicated to provide the best services to their customers.

Energy Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Trane heat pumps are extremely cost-efficient. They will save money from the start of your usage. These products have a higher HSPF rating, which means they create the most heat by utilizing the least amount of energy. With the higher Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) rating. You can save more money. Trane is effective at that point.


Each Trane unit comes with a simple "Base Limited Warranty". This warranty involves the parts that are damaged due to manufacturing faults. Normally, this base limited warranty range from 1 to 20 years depends on the product you bought.

If you register your product within 60 days of the installation date, you can get a "Registered Limited Warranty" without any additional costs. This warranty can range from 5 years to a lifetime. Moreover, they will offer an "Optional Extended Warranty that covers the cost of Trane heat pump parts and labor as well. All these warranty options, surely take Trane way ahead of their competition.

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Trane Heat Pumps Models and Specifications

Here, SEER indicates Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, refers to cooling and HSPF indicates Heating Seasonal Performance Factor refers to heating.




Sound Level










































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Trane Heat Pump Pros

As Trane heating systems are durable, they will last up to 15 to 20 years if you maintain them properly. In all heat pump models, One of the most reliable Climatuff compressors is used in all Trane heat pump models.

Trane offers eight models of Trane heat pumps at various efficiency levels and prices. So, you can select the model that is suited to your heating and cooling environment.

Most heat pumps have capacities from 1.5 tons/ 18,000 BTU to 5-ton tons/ 60,000 BTU so that you can arrange properly sized to your building.

Trane Earthwise hybrid heat systems come with an ideal combination of a heat pump and a gas furnace for homes in very cold climates.

Trane comfort-R technology works effectively in dehumidifying your home during air conditioning cycles.

All Trane heat pump models are energy-star rated and rebates are offered by many companies across the United States when you install one of the more efficient models of Trane.

Trane's Wifi-connected thermostats can be controlled from the smartphone using the Trane app.

Cons of Trane Heat Pumps

Trane's most efficient heat pump XV20i with 20 SEER/ 10 HSPF is not much efficient than other competitors. Other competitor heat pumps have build with high SEER and HSPF factors.

Trane heat pumps have more costs than Goodman, Amana, Air-Flo and Payne.

Trane warranties on the best models of heat pumps are average. This is somewhat less compared to other brands such as Amana, Goodman, Maytag, Lennox, etc. These brands have longer warranties and include entire product replacement.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Trane Heat Pump

You need to choose the heat pump based on your climate. For hot climates, choose a model with a high SEER rating for efficiency. A higher SEER rating reduces energy costs in the long term.

If your climate is too cold, it's better to install a gas furnace instead of a heat pump or choose a hybrid heat system with heat pump. Because the heat pump will effectiveness in very cold weather so you must rely on the unit's electrical heating which produces high energy costs.

Final Words

Once you have selected the right Trane heat pump depends on your climate, make sure it is sized properly. Don't install the system with too much or too little capacity as it creates many problems. So, you should decide the size before purchasing. However, hope this Trane heat pump reviews guide helped you understand your options.

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